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  • Corona-proof up to 8 persons

" This adventure scores 10/10 to me. Thanks! "

Charlotte van Driel

" Already one of the best escape rooms I have ever played! "

René van den Berg

" The MYSTERIUM made me instantly addicted to escape rooms. "

Gwen de Ruiter


Fastes escape



Escape Room in Utrecht

Nothing is what it seems. Experience this exciting and interactive adventure together with your friends, family or favorite co-workers. Step into the MYSTERIUM and leave the modern day world. Right at the Oudegracht in Utrecht inside a medieval warfcellar I'll be waiting for you. Be careful: Escape Rooms are addictive.

See you soon,

Escape in 60 minutes

No time to lose! Follow clues, crack the code and earn your freedom. You only have one hour, so be fast. Are you smarter, better and quicker than the others? Come with your friends, family and co-workers and discover one of the coolest things ever. I dare you. Can you find the key within the time limit? MYSTERIUM is a world full of hidden puzzles, interesting technical challenges and creative solutions. Easy? I really hope so for you...


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Step back in time and discover the legendary mystery of Utrecht...


Challenging Puzzles

The MYSTERIUM is different and interactive. It is a tricky Escape Room but no special skills or an Einstein brain is required. Work together and beat the MYSTERIUM. Pure fun and a creative hour you will remember for at least 23 years.


Team Building

The MYSTERIUM Escape Room in Utrecht is fun and a great teambuilding activity for co-workers, clubs, members of an secreat illuminaty society or other groups who are bored and want to feel connected again.


Special Events

Every day is a special day. But sometimes a day is more special than the rest of your month. Celebrate the birthday of your cat, the moment that you are single (again?) or visit this fantastic Escape Room for any other special occasion. Theme party or family day? Please call me and tell your special date and I will arrange an unbelievable private event. Only for you and your guests. From bitterbal to high tea. Partytime!

Can you beat escape room MYSTERIUM?


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Veelgestelde vragen

Q: What is the Mysterium and what is an escaperoom.

A: It is special and mysterious. You and your fellow puzzle-solvers are brought to our 14the century wharf. Think, solve, be creative. Pay attention to every detail. Ofcourse it is safe. But this special Mysterium Escape Room will tease en seduce your mind. Show your best ideas and deduction skills and maybe you manage to escape the room in 60 minutes. Or even faster.

Q: Is it necessary to book?

A: Ofcourse. Yes, yes, yes. The escaperoom is waiting for you! You can send a pigeon but it is easier in modern times to book through this site. Please see our booking form to find the perfect day and time.

Q: Can I surprise somebody with a Mysterium giftcard?

A: What a nice intelligent and warmhearted gift. That is certainly possible. Please contact the Mysterium office from Monday to Friday at 030-7271026 or mail us at

Q: Can you accommodate large groups?

A: For large groups (11 up to 300 persons) we combine treasure hunts, smartphone games, pub quizzes, dinner walks and other workshops with the Escape Room.

Q: Can we organize a party there?

A: Life is a party…but we can make it even more spectacular! In Utrecht we have several locations and inspiring event ideas. Please take a look at

Q: What is the minimum age to play?

A: We do not allow children under the age of 12 into the escaeroom. Additionally we advise children under the age of 15 to be escorded by atleast one adult.

Q: Is this a good team building activity?

A: Believe me. This feeling is more intense then an evening eating sushi together. For more than 23 years we organize teambuilding activities… and this is one of the best experiences you have ever felt. Finally you really need to communicate. It is extremely necessary to work together and to share information and to trust each other. It is fun also. Trust me.

Q: Is it possible to combine MYTERIUM with a business meeting in Utrecht?

A: MYSTERIUM is the best break out during a business meeting. Let all the information sink in and get to know eachother better. We have a beautiful conference room in Utrecht availabe for you: de Grote Werf. Visit for more information.

Q: There are camera’s. Are you recording us in the Mysterium? Can you send me the tape?

A: What do you think? A mystery will always be a mystery. There are camera’s but they are only there for your safety and to help you during your real life puzzle. All riddles and puzzles will never leave the Mysterium.

Q: Can we come film or make a photographic shooting?

A: We love Press. We love Bloggers, We love TV and we love publicity. YES. YES. YES.

Q: I have a ticket. Can I have a refund?

A: Sorry, The Mysterium is a live experience. It is not possible to cancel or to rebook once confirmed.

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