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Caroline says:

Erg leuke escape room! Goede ontvangst, duidelijke uitleg en veel variatie in de opdrachten. Zeker een aanrader!

Mary heimensen says:

Really a super escape room we had some laughs too bad we haven't received our photo yet

Mare Huizinga says:

Very cool escaperoom. There were five of us (family aged 11-42) and it was great fun for all of us!
It was our first escaperoom, but more will definitely follow! The children were also very enthusiastic!

Susanne says:

An escaperoom full of surprises, a good and exciting storyline. The puzzles are fun for everyone. You really have to think differently, which is exactly what makes it accessible. A must play for any escaperoom lover.

Peter van der Woude says:

Fine experience where you spend an hour with 4 to 6 people learning to work together and think differently to find the right solutions. Well-designed and with nice surprise elements, and where it is good to ask for help. One hour to reach eternal life, this is only possible at Mysterium in Utrecht. You have to experience this once.

Antje says:

A very nice escape room with a nice setting and story. We received a friendly welcome and everything was clearly explained. Highly recommended for anyone who likes escape rooms!

Marije says:

Great escaperoom, fun, welcoming reception. Original, imaginative clues and atmospheric setting. Highly recommended!

Marieke Hoogwout says:

Great! Been with four girlfriends and we had so much fun (trying to) find all the clues, and investigating everything. Reception and guidance was very welcoming and totally 'in style'. Top afternoon

Anna Van bennekom says:

This was a really fun escaperoom. Can't wait for the photo

Nellestijn says:

Great fun experience had today, together with our children we found it super exciting and fun puzzles. Highly recommended

Kim says:

Yesterday the escape room
Done!!! We thought it was super fun!!! Well put together and a nice enthusiastic hostess! Really highly recommended 🙂

Nicole says:

Very fun escape room! Fun puzzles in a nice story. Nice entourage!

Charlotte van Driel says:

I give this escape room a big 10! Thank you!

René van den Berg says:

Already one of the best escape rooms I have played!

Gwen de Ruiter says:

Too bad they only have one escape room there, otherwise I would definitely come back to do the others!

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