• Posted at: 26 July 2018

General terms and conditions


Reservations can be made online at www.mysterium.nl or by phone via 030 727 1026 (office Puur Events BV). After making a reservation, a confirmation e-mail will be sent. If this confirmation e-mail is not received, the reservation has not been recorded. Please note that the confirmation e-mail may end up in your spam folder. You can make the booking again or contact info@mysterium.nl / 030 727 1026. 

Cancel and move

When cancelling a booking, the following conditions and fees apply: 

  • In the period up to 6 weeks before the start date: cancellation free of charge. 
  • In the period from 6 weeks to 3 weeks before the start date: 50% of the assignment fee. 
  • In the period from 3 weeks to the start time: 100% of the assignment fee. 

When moving a booking, the following conditions and charges apply: 

  • In the period up to 1 week before the start time:  25,- administration fee, with the condition that the new date will take place within 2 months. 
  • In the period from 1 week to the start time, it is no longer possible to move the booking. 


The secret of the Mysterium is the fun of play. Allow others the discovery and escape. Share your adventure and your joy.But shut up about the solutions and the puzzles. Online and offline. You want Cornelis Vossius don't get angry. 

Alcohol and drugs

Drug and/or alcohol consumption is prohibited during the game. When at the start of the game an employee of Mysterium (Pure Events BV) doubts the condition of a participant, the staff member has the right to refuse this participant without refund. 

Pure Events BV does not accept intimidating or abusive behaviour towards its employees. Any guilty of disturbing public order, wantonness and/or wanton destruction of property of Pure Events BV will be removed from the premises immediately. The police may be involved in this process. In case of removal, no refund will be made. Any damages will be recovered from the responsible person/group at all times. 

Intellectual property

The Mysterium is part of Puur Events BV. All games from Pure Eventsas the Mysteriumare protected by copyright. Use or copying of game elements, content, or parts thereof is alone permitted after written consent of Pure Events BV. All photos and text on this website are © copyright. No part of this website may be reproduced without written permission of Pure Events BV be adopted or used. 

The use of mobile phones and/or cameras during the game is not allowed. If such devices are used, the game will be terminated immediately. No refund will then be given. 

It is not allowed to discuss information related to the content of the games with third parties. 


Participation in the Mysterium is done at your own risk.  

It is for Pure Events BV not possible to accept any liability for damage or injury causedd to participants of the Mysteriumregardless of the cause of such damage or injury.

Puur Events BV cannot be held liable For loss of property.

Pure Events BV accepts no liability for costs already incurred by participants if a booking cannot go ahead.

If Pure Events Bv atn consequence of force majeure (in the broadest sense) cannot fulfil its obligations in whole or in part, it shall Pure Events BV er do everything possible to still make it a successful event. If additional costs will be incurred, this will are discussed and settled via post-calculation.


Get together with the entire team 10 minutes before the starting time. If late, it will be at the expense of your own playing time. 

The use of mobile phones and/or cameras during the game is not allowed. If such devices are used, the game will be terminated immediately. No refund will then be given. 

It is not allowed to discuss information related to the content of the games with third parties. 

The Mysterium is unfortunately not wheelchair-friendly, due to location in historic bridge.

The Mysterium is geschikt for pregnant women.

The Mysterium is gible for slightly claustrophobic people.

If svisually impaired; bring reading glasses. 

Pure Events Bv collects and stores your personal data and may disclose it to third parties in accordance with the privacy policy. Pure Events BV is committed to ensuring that the privacy of your personal data is protected.  

Complaints and disputes

Complaints about the conclusion and execution of the agreement must be submitted in full and clearly described to Pure Events BV within 4 weeks after Participant/Client has observed or could have observed the defects. Failure to submit the complaint on time may result in Participant/Client's rights being relevant loses.

The client acknowledges the applicability of these general terms and conditions by the mere fact of placing an order with Pure Events BV (Mysterium) for booking and playing the Mysterium, unless these conditions are expressly rejected by the client in writing. A single ver reference by the client to its own terms and conditions or a standard clause on its letterhead or in its own terms and conditions of client containing the exclusive effect of these own terms and conditions is not sufficient for this purpose. 

These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law. 

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